About Us

OdeSea® is a Vadac Group owned brand. Vadac develops, designs and manufactures innovative marine products and anti-theft products for mobile applications.

Corporate Responsibility

At OdeSea® we are committed to ensure that all our employment policies and practices for staff are fiar, products are made from sustainable materials and realtions are build based on a durable relationship with our clients.

Sustainable Materials

All our brand products are made from sustainable materials. Whether they are made from durable stainless steel, or a recycled plastic composite. At OdeSea® we have a manufacturing goal of using a minimum of 85 percent sustainable materials our process.

Patented Products

We strive to achieve a mix between innovation and high quality products. All of our branded products are either patent pending or patented worldwide.

Our story

Since the start of OdeSea several years ago, the outboard motor trolleys and outboard motor locks have been the standard in the market. Our continuous product improvements and new designs are sold across the globe from huge distributors to local dealerships. 

OdeSea® uses a special 300 Denier fabric for its covers, along witha  special durability coating. This secret formula makes the OdeSea covers Water, UV- and Mold resistant. These covers are the world’s most durable (deep black) covers, that can withtand the elements in every situation. 

OdeSea® is a Vadac Group brand