OdeSea TX-65 Outboard motor trolley

The smart solution for handling your outboard motor.

In the world of water sports, traditional outboard motor trolleys are known for their inconvenience. They are often too large, too heavy, difficult to use, and nearly impossible to transport. OdeSea has tackled this challenge and created the ideal Outboard Motor Trolley.

In 2007, OdeSea revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the innovative ODESEA Outboard Motor Trolley. Since then, OdeSea has continuously optimized the Outboard Motor Trolley to offer the ultimate user-friendly solution.

Meet the ODESEA TX-65 Outboard Motor Trolley

Thanks to a foldable and lightweight design for ease during transport and storage, the ODESEA Outboard Motor Trolley is the ultimate travel companion for every water sports enthusiast. The Outboard Motor Trolley is quick and easy to fold and unfold, allowing you to be ready to sail in no time.

With OdeSea's unique, patented principle, combined with a sturdy aluminum frame and intelligently designed assembly mechanism, the ODESEA TX-65 Outboard Motor Trolley offers unparalleled ease of use. You can handle your outboard motor safely and almost effortlessly. Do you want to store or maintain your outboard motor? The ODESEA TX-65 Outboard Motor Trolley makes it possible.

The solid square tube design and fastening mechanism gives the TX-65 the strenght and stability to handle any portable outboard motor safely and virtually without effort. The V-shaped tail piece secures and protects the skeg.

Features & Benefits

– Specifically designed for portable outboard motors
– Multipurpose: Ideal for transport, storage, and maintenance
– Ergonomic design: Say goodbye to inconvenience and welcome convenience
– Patented foldable construction: Compact and easy to store
– Lightweight yet sturdy: Designed for strength and stability
– Adjustable handle, height, and track width: Adaptable to you and your outboard motor

Technical specifications:
Material: Solid aluminum frame
Weight: Feather-light 4.5 kg
Folded dimensions: 72 x 30 x 23 cm
Unfolded dimensions: 104 x 50 x 53 cm

Interested in a Distribution, Partnership or Dealership?

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