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TR-60 Outboard Motor Trolly

Traditionally, outboard trolley’s in the market are to large, heavy, difficult to use and almost impossible to carry around in the trunk of a car or stored away on a boat. The OdeSea TR-60 outboard motor trolley is universal adjustable to perfectly fit any outboard engine up to 15 HP. The durable material and compact design makes sure transporting, storing and performing maintanance on your outboard is easy.

The solid quare tube design and fastening mechanism gives the TR-60 its strenght and stability to handle any outboard motor up to 60 kg safely and virtually without effort. The trolley is also suitable for long-tail engines. The waterproof bearings ensure a long-life product which has a unique reducible construction and an ergonomic design. The handle, heifht and track are all adjustable to have a universal fit for every outboard engine.

Cover Support Kit

The OdeSea cover support kit extends the life of any boat and cover. The OdeSea kit is a well known international and univeral support system suitable for boats up to 9 meters in lenght. It prevents water collecting or poolin on your boat and boat cover. The plastic triangle with notches distributes the pressure of the boat cover evenly along the entire lenght of the cover.

The cover support kit includes a telescopic pole and straks to make a boat cover frame and easy to install. 

The telescopic pole is adjustable from 50 to 116 cm and has a rubber anti-slip cover on the bottem. The straps have a total lenght of 24 meter to evenly distribute the pressure of the boat.

Covers (Deep Black)

The Odesea deep black covers are available form outboard motors, boats and dinghies. There is no need any more to spend a lot of money on a tailor made cover: the OdeSea cover is simply pulled over the boat and secured with adjustable straps which go around the boat and close with snap buckles. A special sewn in elastic band ensures a perfectly tight fit around the boat. The soft lining of the covers prevents scratches and provides extra strenght. All of the OdeSea covers are hand crafted. The time that goes into the crafting of one cover ensures a long-life and marine grade boat- outboard and dinghy cover.