OdeSea Cover Support Kit

The OdeSea boat cover support can be applied to any type of boat up to 9 meters. The main purpose of this kit is to prevent unwanted water from pooling and debris from accumulating. This boat cover support kit features an east-to-use telescopic pole that adjusts to any custom height, ranging from 50 cm to 116 cm. The telescopic pole is made from strong yet durable and lightweight aluminium that resists rust and has a long-life guarantee. 

The kit is self-standing with a big support triangle on top. You will find this boat cover support kit and pole system makes your boat covering significantly easier, and prefents your boat cover from ripping and collapsing.

The handy OdeSea support kit ensures the cover can be braced tightly on each boat to withstand any weather condition. 

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for boats up to 9 meters in lenght
  • Adjustable in height from 50 cm up to 116 cm
  • Expands the lifespan of your boat cover
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Protective rubber coating tube

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